Track your progress on Final Earth

Monitor helps you track your progress and improve how you play Final Earth.

See how your personal statistics change over time, including your rank, battle damage and losses, facilities built or destroyed, and the total networth of your units, funds and reimbursements.

You can also see an overview of country data, including total units and map income for each team — providing you with the intelligence to improve your gameplay.

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Signing up

Start using Monitor by inputting your API key above (find it in-game at HQ > Settings > API Settings).

This will store your API key in the Monitor database.

You can choose to share your data with others in public leaderboards, and pause or delete your account, at any time.

Round progress

Progress for the current round of Final Earth, started around 34 days ago on 14 June 2024.

Battle damage this round

(+$144.0bn in 24 hours)
(+$190.8bn in 24 hours)
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